BathMobile Highly

BathMobile Highly adjustable commode and shower chair! Bathmobile is easily adjustable for your needs – Adjust height, mount self-propelling wheels, swivel seat 1800 for easy cleaning, two detachable bedpan options, assemble /disassemble in minutes and fit into an optional carrying case. Moving in and out is a breeze – With armrests and footrests that swivel […]

Portable Shower Wheelchair – Portable Commode Chair

Portable Shower Wheelchair - Portable Commode Chair

Portable Shower Wheelchair – Portable Commode Chair Collapsible toilet and shower chair for indoor use All product components, including bearings and upholstery, are water-resistant. Thanks to its side wheels, can be moved by the seating person, and offers amazing maneuverability, especially in narrow spaces. Suitable for inaccessible toilets and Roll In Showers. A collapsible and portable […]

Easy Hair

It is an elastomer shampoo tray that, due to its design, requires no inflating and offers extreme resistance over time. Its malleability allows it to instantly regain its original shape when unfolding. The hairdresser or nurse’s assistant quickly installs it around the person’s neck. This bin has a soft collar that acts as a second […]

Cocoon Hair

Device, commonly called “Cocoon Hair”, for shampooing both able-bodied and disabled people, thanks to a mechanism that allows the person to tilt up to more or less 127° while ensuring occipito-cervical support, in order to prevent the person from bending over to the back. The use of this furniture, whose adjustment facilitates adjustment in height […]